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Tulsa and Teenage Lust, by Larry Clark in FOAM

Tulsa and Teenage Lust, by Larry Clark in FOAM

When I was a teenager and in secondary school, I remember that at just about every birthday party we watched the same videotape of the movie KIDS. A movie directed by Larry Clark. After I saw two of his early projects were featured in FOAM Photography Museum, I went to see it as soon as I could. Which happened to be this Sunday.

Larry Clark(born January 19th, 1943), an American film director,…

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San Francisco-startup Human, founded in 2012 by fellow Dutchies Renato Valdés Olmos & Paul Veugen, published some very cool data visualizations today. With this cool imagery they show intensity and the ways in which people move through cities around the world.

Human is an iPhone app that runs in the background of your phone and automatically detects activities like walking, cycling, and running. Human aims to help you move 30 minutes, every day. It shows you how much you’ve moved or need to move, and motivate you to do the Daily 30 every day of the week.

Human visualized 7.5 Million miles of activity in major cities all across the globe to get an insight into people’s activity. Walking, running, cycling, and motorized transportation data tell different stories. Some of the cities that were visualized are New York, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Paris, Washington and -of course- Amsterdam.

The rankings

It turns out people (well, Human-users that is) in Washington walk the most of all people in these cities. People in Berlin like to run (followed by Hong Kong and Copenhagen) and it can hardly be called a surprise, but North-American cities (Los Angeles, Montreal, Portland, Miami and Houston) form the complete Top-5 in “motorized transport”. Amsterdam -yes, really- is the city where people ride their bikes the most. Followed by Copenhagen. In terms of overall activity Amsterdam also wins. We run, walk and bike more than average, while our motorized traffic is half of the average.


The time spent moving by walking, running or riding bicycles, per city.

So no surprises in the rankings maybe, but what’s really cool is how all this data is visualized, in both imagery and video. Beautifully done. You really see the contours of the city light up, based on actual people moving around. It’s straight up art, if you ask me. Look for instance at the Amsterdam running-map below and see how the Vondelpark lights up as by far the most popular place to run a few laps in the city, see how the streets of Manhattan, New York are formed by the likes of thousands of people in taxi’s and cars and how Tokyo has all these city-centre hotspots across the city where people walking flock together.


You can click through all the cities individually and compare activities on http://cities.human.co and even order a framed print of this “human generated artwork” on Crated. You can download the Human app on the iTunes app store.

Moving cities: Human-generated artwork San Francisco-startup Human, founded in 2012 by fellow Dutchies Renato Valdés Olmos & Paul Veugen…

Jamie xx, three new tracks and an homage to London

Over the last few months Jamie xx, member of The xx and Grammy-winning producer of Alicia Keys, Gil Scott-Heron and Drake, released some beautiful new tracks.


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#returnoftherudeboy #somersethouse by zakeeshariff http://ift.tt/1hOUpJ0


#returnoftherudeboy #somersethouse by zakeeshariff http://ift.tt/1hOUpJ0

Nike’s animated World Cup ad

I won’t have to tell you the World Cup football (soccer) is around the corner. Even if you’re one of those 2 people that wasn’t aware a month ago, you’ve surely been bombarded by all kinds of commercials (

Crème Caramel, by Canada for NOWNESS


Yara Khmidan by Leonardo Corredor

Must watch: The Next Black documentary

Okay, this documentary right here represents pretty much every source of inspiration that originally made me want to start Subjekt Matter.


Kaspar Bossers

Jameszoo in the Boiler Room

Over the last few days (weeks? months?) in Amsterdam it rained cats and dogs as they say.